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Alice Péretié



Alice Péretié



Thanks for stopping by! I’m Alice, a 21 year old amateur wildlife and nature photographer. Finally, finally, after a good few years of waiting, I took the plunge in 2017 and decided to publish my website. I started using a DSLR at the age of 14, and have been learning as I go along…Just click on the photos to see them full size. 

My faithful Canon eos 80D, which summited with me to the top of Kilimanjaro, recently got attacked by sand grains in the Namib Desert, and the shutter has been moody ever since. I decided to upgrade to a full frame Canon 5d iv (not gonna lie, been dreaming of acquiring it for some time now…) so I’m excited to see where this little gem and I will go together.

My Portfolio presents my favourite shots taken over the years. It is filled with from my travels, my explorations and expeditions, as well as places I call home, creating an original mosaic where gorillas play next to the French West Coast, where its waves crash against the dry Kenyan bush, and where giraffes and turtles coexist. For the complete series from each destination, check out my galleries here.



I've always been intrigued and fascinated by Nature. Now that I'm coming to the point where I have to chose where exactly I want to take my life, I've realised that with my photography, at least, I want to be useful. My purpose? Raising awareness through beauty, through originality, through wonder or via any other human sentiment people apply on their surroundings.

I see photography as a powerful tool to capture a moment of raw beauty, power, emotion, tranquility…and then being able to engage with people about what they feel as they look at my work.  I find it particularly relevant for nature conservation, putting crucial topics like ecosystems, diversity, socio-ecological resilience and the intertwined interests of human and non-human stakeholders on the table.  Being able to promote what I believe in through what I do is, I find, a beautiful way to sum up how I perceive photography. I really hope you enjoy what I do :) Everything comes from the depths of my heart, promise !

If you wish to purchase any prints, see below for details and drop me an email, (see the About section). 50% of the funds will be donated to various conservation projects I have wither worked with or visited.

Buying a Print

I offer 4 different print sizes, ranging across S, M, L, XL. If you wish to have them customised, I am working in association with L'Atelier de Bedford, a bespoke exceptionally talented frame maker. Everything is made by hand and with love. 

These are the basic services, however based on your budget, we can design and evaluate various options to ensure you're entirely happy with your purchase. The type of paper, mix and matching different picture sin the same frame...the choice is yours. Just send me an email, or contact me via my website, Instagram or Facebook! I'd be delighted to hear from you xxx